St Lawrence Market

514 equivalent: Atwater Market First, the similarities: both are located in the downtowns of their respective cities, both feature delicious food from local businesses, both have a number of restaurants, both attract large crowds of people, both are “super cute” and smell amazing. The enclosed part of the St Lawrence market feels larger and there… Read More St Lawrence Market



Inasmuch as winter is not the ideal time for a Toronto vs Montreal comparison, there is one tourist destination in which the weather worked to my advantage. Surely not Niagara Falls, as the title of this post suggests, you say? Yes, Niagara Falls. That is, if your intent is to actually see the geologic marvel… Read More Niagara

514 in 802

For those of you who aren’t well-versed in area codes, that’s Stowe, Vermont. Ok, 802 is all of Vermont. But I happened to be in Stowe. There’s is no 514 equivalent, because well, I’m given to understand it’s pretty much been colonized by Montrealers. In addition to their distinctive white and blue license plates, you… Read More 514 in 802

The Harbourfront

514 equivalent: the Old Port (Place Jacques-Cartier) After verifying that my location settings were accurate and that Google wasn’t outright lying to me by casually stating that the outdoor temperature in the middle of February, in a Canadian city was positive 14 degrees Celsius, I decided to head down to the harbourfront and synthesize some… Read More The Harbourfront