The Distillery District

514 equivalent: Griffintown

This area has clearly been recycled from an industrial past and been gentrified into a trendy hot spot with interesting shops, bars, events and restaurants.

My morning Pilates class was canceled on Saturday morning and so I set out to the distillery district in the hopes of getting to know the area better. Ah, you say, but early on a Saturday is a terrible time to walk around there as nothing is open and most of the action happens at night. And you’d be right. It’s not quite as derelict as Amsterdam on a Monday morning where a shocking amount of garbage litters the streets, this is Canada after all, but the place still had gave off a strong sense of having hosted a party the night before. The rare pedestrians scurried about in awkward footwear, with just a hint of a walk of shame.

Nevertheless, it’s fascinating area that I will definitely make an effort to visit at a more appropriate time.

For example, the Toronto Light Fest occurs every night in the winter between January 27th and March 12.

Stay tuned!



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