Eaton Center – 514 vs 416

In the interest of complete and total objectivity… well… Toronto wins. Hands down. There’s a Nordstrom’s, a Williams-Sonoma, an Apple store, a Windows store, an Express, an Ann Taylor, and countless others… Some stores we don’t even have in Quebec, let alone at the Montreal Eaton Center.

The Toronto Eaton Center has everything a self-respecting large North American city would be expected to have from world-renown brands to a diverse food court. It’s centrally located, connected to the Subway and the PATH, and immediately adjacent to a refrigerated skating rink that operates well outside of temperatures water could reasonably be expected to remain solid in.

The Montreal one is doing its best… it also offers many renown brands, is centrally located, connected to the Metro and an underground shopping network, and immediately adjacent to a strip club (across the street from the main entrance on Ste-Catherine, before you ask. Actually, the strip clubs are so ubiquitous on Ste-Catherine that I believe most Montrealers are quite oblivious to them. I only really notice them when promoters are trying to hustle people in (I’m not really their target market, to be fair) or when out-of-towners clutch their pearls in shock.)

Montreal Eaton Center photos courtesy of Tom Bird.


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