Jazz night at the aquarium

514 equivalent: the Biodome

The impromptu visit of a friend from Montreal resulted in a flurry of research for things to do this weekend. As it turns out, Ripley’s Aquarium hosts a jazz night on the second Friday night of every month: Jazz night at the aquarium

The major drawback of the aquarium is that on the typical weekend (when one isn’t working and has time to go), it contains more children than the Great Lakes have invasive species. Going a to 7-11 pm event on a Friday night that advertises an open bar and jazz carries the implicit promise that there will be fewer tiny mammals crowding the display of fish. Something I hadn’t accounted for in my optimism is that 1) the event was sold-out ie packed with people 2) while correct in my assumption that there would be fewer children, I failed to consider that the average human adult is taller than its juvenile form. The result was that the view was obstructed by an equal amount of humans but they were, on average, at eye level. On the plus side, cash bar, jazz, and easier access to the underwater domes and other “children’s” entertainment I shamelessly partake in!

Having the Parkside Drive band play live definitely created a very different ambiance and even resulted in some spontaneous dancing by the attendees. The evening had the added benefit of allowing me to complete the live tweeting assignment for class. While educational, I’ve never felt more like a millennial, taking more pictures than I otherwise would’ve, pushing people around to “get the right angle for my tweet”, ignoring my friend so I could fumble with my phone, looking for appropriate handles and hashtags and being way too distracted and self-involved with likes and mentions to be truly mentally present.

Here’s to learning to act my age 🙂

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